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Bounce the Raccoon is a mascot platformer hero who can curl into a ball to bounce and roll around the stages.  And what's the best part of any mascot platformer?  Why, the spinoff games, of course!

Basic controls are explained in-game.  To change them, run the configuration file first.

Game made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5

Game created for the "Unnecessary Sequels" - Awful Summer Jam 2018

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Tags2D, Animals, cf25, clickteam-fusion, raccoon


Bounce the Raccoon 10 MB

Install instructions

Download the ZIP file and extract all files and folders.


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This is even better than Sonic the Hedgehog! If this was for the MD it would never fail! 

Unlike pornhub for example, they are all losers! Where was I living? This is an eye cleaner!

Get a job!!! Get hired! You Blasting Cannon! =)

The graphic style is really cute and I like how many different types of games you were able to build with the same character and abilities. :) All in all, that was a little sequel party, which I really liked to recommend in our compilation article for the Awful Summer Jam 2018. <3 One minute of gameplay can also be seen in the accompanying video. Bounce on, Bounce!

Best wishes,


Thanks much for including my game in your article and video!  I really appreciate it!

Alright, great graphics kinda handrawn and look really great. Nice bouncey audio and I enjoyed the play that I did.