A downloadable game for Windows

For Ludum Dare 48 Jam

I've always felt the Match-3 genre had the most depth!  Wouldn't you agree?

Z and X rotate, Esc or ENTER pause. press Ctrl+Y to change controls.

Music used under the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike License:

Trip to the Jungle, by The Music Guy:


Smooth Electricity, by The Music Guy:


Broken Chip Looped, by The Music Guy:


Ascending the Tower, by The Music Guy:


Death Journey, by phekkis:


Unlimited Happiness, by Saga Musix:


For more information on the license:


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, cf25, clickteam-fusion, Ludum Dare 48, match-3
LinksLudum Dare

Install instructions

Download zip, and unzip game and all folders and files, then run the EXE.


fallumns.zip 2 MB


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That truely was insane! I was working on a match 3 game and was looking for inspiration, and saw something that looked like Columns on of my best time ever games for SegaMegadrive here in the UK... I had no idea there was a twist HAHA I was like "WHAAAAAAAAT" Just fantastic!


heyy this was really smart and fun! I would play a whole game that progressed like this even if it wasnt a twist I think!

In love with this game. Big fan of Columns and all the places you went with it. I want to game jam with you!

Amazing idea, amazing execution.

"Had the most depth", lol, amazing.

this game needs a number 2!

Gameplay was fantastic, ambient is awesome, arcade musics and style is very addictive and perfect final level! It was so great! Won the game by making 33996 point!

Man, this game was fantastic. Easily one of the better puzzle games I've ever played - and that's including Columns and Columns II!


Ohh this was great, so many little details to explore!
I got stuck in the last challenge and played it for hours before realizing it had a bug (a block that didn't exist in that level was blocking the red orb). Had to restart and finished it in a couple of seconds after that.

Good job!

How did you make this game? Can you share the source code?


Fantastic! Great twist with clever use of the theme.


From the moment I realized what was really going on until the end my mouth was open, hard to believe this idea came to existence. Congratulations, that’s a well deserved award!


I like the premise of the game, but can you upload the game for play on the web browser?


I was expecting just a Columns clone and then it took me by surprise with the twist XD This was a really fun experience.


Such a great and innovative gameplay experience! Hope you keep working on it, it gave me serious "There is No Game" vibes!


No way, this is SO fun ahahah

I'm gonna be honest with you, at first I was wondering "How did this game win the LD48? What's so special about it?"... How naïve I was... Now I know! Ahahahah

The first 4-5 minutes of gameplay are quite standard... Groups of blocks fall from the sky and you just have to stack them correctly to score points, nothing fancy here... But then, the game takes a complete twist! It just kept me glued to the screen throughout the entire game!! I really wanted to know what was hidden at the bottom! :D

Really, really good job for 3 days of work, you deserve all the awards 👏👏👏

Loved this game, so clever and yet filled with helpful things to keep the player winning! Also amazing music :)  Congrats on winning Ludem Dare 48! 

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27359! Congratulations with the #1 Overall!

haha, brilliant <3