A downloadable game for Windows

Fight junkyard robots against one another in this multiplayer arena game!  Collect parts to power up your robot, then confront your opponents.

This is a multiplayer game, but it's got AI opponents if you can't find someone to play against.  The AI is passable, but human opponents make for a much better experience.

How to play

Use the directions (P1 default: arrow keys) to move, and buttons 1 and 2 (P1 default: Shift and Ctrl) to punch.  Punch blocks to break them open and reveal pieces that can be added to your robot.  Collect bolts to increase your health; each new health point can be used as an upgrade slot to hold a single powerup.  If you get damaged, the power corresponding to that health point will be lost.

The powerups are as follows:

Chain/Piston - Increase the range of your punch

Spikes/Blades - Increase your attack power

Saw/Drill - Allows multiple hits from a single punch

Wheels - Allows you to move faster

Explosives - Adds an explosive element to your punch

Defeat all other opponents to win!

Install instructions

Extract all files/folders from the .zip and run the exe file.


robomancers.zip 1 MB


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Great game!!

Dude this game was way way more than what I expected. It has been one of my favorites so far. matches get out of control after half of the powerups have been taken. Please continue working on this!!